↓zaha hadid citylife milano residential complex nearing completion

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zaha hadid citylife milano residential complex nearing completion

the citylife project located in the heart of milan -- in the centre of the historic fiera area immersed in a park of 160,000 square metres 
(one of europe’s largest pedestrianized zones) -- involves a group of architects rather than a single designer: 

citylife brings to the urban context a new model for work and leisure, an area to be enjoyed on foot or by bicycle, 
with traffic circulating only underground. 
at the centre of the project is the business district -- three office towers in the 'piazza delle tre torri': torre isozaki 
(il dritto, the straight one), 
torre hadid (lo storto, the twisted one) and torre libeskind (il curvo, the curved one) -- torre isozaki will be 202 meters high 
(663 ft) with 50 floors, 

making it amongst the tallest in italy by roof height. torre hadid will be 170 meters (558 ft) high with 44 floors, 
and torre libeskind will reach a height 

of 150 meters (492 ft) with about 30 floors. the three towers are able to accommodate ca. 10,000 people, over a total of 
approximately 130,000 m2. 
contemporary art museum, a shopping area with bars and restaurants, and a pavilion for exhibitions, sports, 
entertainment and fashion shows 
are also part of the project.

render © zaha hadid architects

the skyline of zaha hadid's CityLifeMilano housing complex is defined and characterized by a sinuous fluid line. the residences are 
comprised of seven curved buildings of varying heights, from 5 to 13 floors. the distinctive architectural elements include a serpentine 
movement of the curved balconies and the profile of the roofs, which provide a soft and elegant shape for all of the top-floor penthouses,
complete with extensive covered terraces.
construction of the residential complex began in august 2009, with delivery of the first apartments scheduled for 2013.

great care has been given to the site and building orientation, taking into account environmental and comfort requirements so that 
most apartments face south-east and at the same time allocate the best views from the terraces, towards the city or the public park.

zaha hadid's citylife milano residential complex
render © zaha hadid architects

the façade materials - fiber concrete panels and natural wood panels - emphasize the complex's volumetric movement and at the 
same time give a private and domestic quality to the interior of the residential courtyard.

render by zaha hadid architects

the interiors open onto extensive terraces. all of the apartments feature structural and plant solutions that can be easily adapted to
individual needs.
each of the homes is different from the others in terms of size, exposure and layout: from two-rooms to large family 
apartments and twin-level penthouses.  


approach from the street
render by zaha hadid architects 

landscaped site provides a green space for inhabitants
render by zaha hadid architects 

nearby pedestrian promenade
render by zaha hadid architects 

render by zaha hadid architects 

render by zaha hadid architects

at ground level, the double-height lobbies are flooded with light by large openings stretching from floor to ceiling, designed to
confer strong visual continuity with the park. access to all stairwells is provided by main and service lifts. the underground 
parking areas lead directly to the individual buildings with easy, convenient and secure access.

apartment interior
render by zaha hadid architects

common areas

render by zaha hadid architects

 render by zaha hadid architects


citylife milano aerial view

current construction progress

construction site: previous years

construction site

master plan site


plan of an apartment

plan of an apartment

plan of an apartment

the development is carried out by CityLife SpA, a company controlled by generali group and affiliated to allianz Group, 
that won the international tender for the redevelopment of the historic neighborhood with an offer of  euro 523 million.

project info:

location: milan, italy

client: city life consortium
date: 2004 – 2012
status: under construction
program: residential
residential area: 370 apartments, 45,000 m²
commercial retail area: 25,000 m²
office space area: 65,000 m²

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