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steven holl’s hunters point community library in new york

החלה הבניה של מבנה התרבות החדש בתכנונו של אדריכל סטיבן הול, הממוקם לאורך הנהר המזרחי של ניו יורק.

הספרייה הקהילתית החדשה, "hunters point community library" מתוכננת כמרחב ציבורי חשוב על החוף של לונג איילנד המופרט יותר ויותר.

יחד עם הספרייה, התכנית כוללת גם אזור ייחודי לילדים, חלל ייעודי לבני נוער, חדר ישיבות ואמפיתיאטרון חיצוני.

במבנה הבטון החשוף של הספרייה נפערו פתחים מזוגגים לעבר הנוף וקו הרקיע הייחודי של מנהטן. 

מפה המראה את הנהר המזרחי והיחס של אתר הספריה למטה האו"ם בתכננו של לה קורבוזיה
ולאנדרטה לזכרו של FDR בתכנונו של לואיס קאן 

Located on a prominent site along the East River against the backdrop of recently built skyscraper condominiums, the design for the 22,000 square foot Queens Library at Hunters Point will stand as a public building and public park and will bring community-devoted space to the increasingly privatized Long Island City waterfront. 

The concrete structure of the building is exposed and aluminum painted, giving the exterior a subtle sparkle. A golden-section upturned rectangle is carved out according to the browsing circuit of movement within the interior of library. Glazed cuts in the façade grant users views toward the city as they move up a series of bookshelf flanked stairs. The main Manhattan view, perpendicular to the internal movement of the library, gives visitors to this small space a dramatic experience.

The program's separation into children's area, teen area and adult area can be read in the sculpted cuts of the east face of the building, one façade opening for each area; yet the programmatic divisions are fluid. While the plan is compact, the building section of the new library is open and flowing allowing for the most energy-efficient design and the greatest amount of public green space on the site.

On the east entrance side, the library faces a reading garden bordered by a low park office pavilion with a bosque of ginko trees. Ascending the stair inside visitors can reach the rooftop reading garden with panoramic views of the city.

At night the glowing presence of the new library along the waterfront joins the Pepsi sign and the "Long Island" sign at the old Gantry to become a beacon for this new community place.

project info:

name: hunters point community library
location: queens, new york, united states
program: library with adult reading collection, children’s area, teen area, cybercenter, conference room and outdoor amphitheater
client: new york city department of design and construction / queens library
building area: 22,000 sqf / 2,044 sqm
status: under construction

architect: steven holl architects
design architect: steven holl
senior partner in charge: chris mcvoy
associate in charge: olaf schmidt
project architect: filipe taboada 
project team: bell ying yi cai, rychiee espinosa, jongseo lee, maki matsubayashi, michael rusch, dominik sigg, yasmin vobis, jeanne wellinger
landscape architect: michael van valkenburgh
structural engineer: robert silman associates
MEP engineer: ICOR associates, LLC
lighting: l’observatoire international
leed: ADS engineers
code consultant: irene joyce berzak-schoen
civil engineer: langan engineering & environmental services
fire safety: rolf jensen & associates
cost consultant: davis langdon
specifications: construction specifications inc
climate engineering: transsolar inc.

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